100Pcs/box Fly Fishing Accessories Box

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100 Pcs Set Fly Fishing Tackle Accessories Stainless Fishhooks Fishing Lead Ball Bearing Swivels Interlock Snap Float Connector  

 24 kinds of Assorted Fishing tackles Swivels Jig hooks Leads Box 


 24 kinds of fishing tackle!


 JIG hooks,lead, Swivels ...more than 100 pcs!


Three Size for Jig hooks 

lenght :18.64mm,Gap:10.34mm

 lenght :13.55mm,Gap:7.23mm

lenght :11.83mm,Gap:6.24mm


Two Size for swivels


Lenght: 8.34mm,Diameter:2.00mm


Kinds of Lead

 0.9g  0.7g  0.4g   0.3g