11PCS Resistance Band Set

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Ruilynn Resistance Bands Set is made of the highest quality and natural latex which is extremely durable, and pull ropes will help do resistance training for a long time. The Exercise Band Set with 5pcs of Latex Tube included- Yellow (10 lbs), Red (15 lbs), Green (20lbs), Blue (25 lbs), Black (30 lbs), can be used alone or stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 100 lbs. Be perfect Fitness partner for beginner, the advanced, expert, and the professional. This resistance band set with five resistance bands, one door anchor, one carry bag, two foam handles and two wrist/ankle straps to help you to perform the widest variety of resistance training exercises possible, and your quads, glutes, buttocks, chest, abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs and knees. Be suitable for fitness, exercise training, bodybuilding, sport, home workout and so on. The pull rope set with its compact size, is easily portable. So you can get your workout anywhere, anytime! Package Content: 5* Resistance Bands 1* Door Anchor 1* Carrying Bag 2* Foam Handles 2* Wrist/Ankle Straps