500ML Foldable Silicone Water Bottle

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1.Item name: Collapsible sports water bottle

2.Material: Medical Grade Silicone + food grade PP 

3.Color: red,blue,white

4.Capacity: 500mL.

5.Size: 23cm * 7cm

6.Endurable temperature range : -40 -  230 degrees celsius

7.Applications:Travel, School, Home,Sport ,Hiking,Climbing 

8.Component material
Bottle body:Medical grade silicone
Dust cap:Food garde PP
Cover:Food garde PP
Restrained Joint:Food garde PP
Carabiner:Aluminium Alloy
Silicone Band:Medical grade silicone



1. Please use boling water to disinfect before use the bottle, and put it in a clean place.

2.Tighten the cap and dust cover when using it to aviod the liquid leakage when squeezing the bottle loosen the cap when you fold and stretch the bottle, to keep the air circulation.

3. Don't clean with hard object, in case that it broken the bottle.

4. Do not put high concentrations of acid and alkali and other strong corrosive substances in the bottle.


Package includes:

1 x 500ml Foldable sports water bottle.