8 PCS Bike Chain Cleaner

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This is a special cleaning kit for bicycles.

8 Pieces Bicycle Cleaning Brush Tools, include Professional Bike Chain Scrubber+Chain Cleaning Brush+Tire Scrubber+Tarpered Detail Brush+Wheel Brush+Sprocket Scraper+Sprocket Brush+Bike Clean Mitt. These tools help you clean your bicycle very well.No need to buy more cleaning tools.

Bike clean mitt

It is more convenient and cleaner than
ordinary rags.

Tyre Brush

The shape of the brush fits the bicycle tire

Wheel brush

Keep your wheels clean and tidy

Cleaner Bicycle Chains

Say goodbye to stains on your bicycle chain

Sprocket scraper

Use sprocket hook to clear stain and enhance cleanliness

Tire Scrubber

Clean every dead corner that is not easy to clean

Chain Cleaning Brush

Comfortable grip, clean and clean

Skin weight fine brush

Details can be cleaner

It can be used on demand

You can use all kinds of brushes where you need them