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A-Style Holder and B-Style Holder are different ways



  YQ-QD 200 / YQ-QD 400 / YQ-ZJ 400 = Floodlight

  R1-400 / R1-800 / D1-400 / D1-800 = Spotlight


  R1 series and D1 series are only different in the way of support.

  Before choosing D1 series, please pay attention to whether there is a bracket. thanks


  Product information:



  Condition: 100% Brand new

  Model: YQ-QD / R1 / D1

  Material: Aluminum Shell + Silicone Buttons

  Type: Bike Headlight

  Mode: High Light / Low Light / Flash

  Color: Black , Lamp Color:Whtie

  Lamp Type:Spotlight(R1 and D1)/ Floodlight(YQ)

  Charge Mode: USB Rechargeable

  Charging line type: Micro-usb (YQ) / Type C (R1)

  Weight: About 122g (Only Headlight)

  Size: 10 * 3 * 2.3 (YQ)/ 9.8 * 3.2cm (R1)

  Waterproof: IPX3 (YQ)/ IPX6(R1)


  200 Lumen (YQ-QD200)

  400 Lumen (YQ-400 and R1-400 / D1-400)

  800 Lumen(R1-800 / D1-800) 

  Light Range: 150 to 250 meters



  2000mAh (YQ-400 and R1/D1-400)

  4000mAh (R1/D1-800)


  Front Headlight-Product Features


  1)800 Lumens, High Brightness, Low energy consumption

  2)Not only a bicycle light, it's also a flashlight

  3)Built-in battery, 4000 mAh high-capacity battery, long battery life

  4)USB charging

  5)IPX6 waterproof (R1-800 and D1-800), Do not soak the bike light into water.

  6)Multiple modes can be adjusted

  7)Aluminum alloy body, easy to dissipate heat,   Durable  , drop resistance, wear resistance

  8)Optional with 2 in 1 extension Stand Style, You can install and use bicycle computer and headlight at the same time

  9)Charging reminder / low battery reminder / full battery reminder

  10)Automatic power off after charging finish

  11)Easy to install, Non-slip

  12)Long Range

  200LumenRangeisabout 150 Meters

  400 Lumen Rangeisabout 200 Meters

  800 Lumen Rangeisabout 250 Meters


2 in 1 Extension Holder Can Install Bicycle Computer or Camera:

For Garmin Bicycle Computer For IGS Bicycle Computer For Bryton Bicycle Computer For CATEYE Bicycle Computer For GoPro Camera