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1. The deodorizing beads imported are not only odorless and dustless but also have no effect on toilet hygiene and cat litter solidarity after dedusting treatment.

2. Deodorizing crystals can absorb moisture in cat litter basin, prolong the use time of cat litter, inhibit bacterial growth and reduce the risk that cats get urinary diseases.

3. Usage: each time pour one, it can deodorize for a week, only a few cents a day, away from odor, prolong the use time of cat litter (deodorizing effect decreases with the number of times the cat goes to the toilet).

4. Equipped with a container, it is convenient to use and easy to store.

5. Harmless for pets and human, safe to use.


Item Type:Cat Litter Deodorant

Material:Deodorant Crystal





Package Included:

1 x Cat Litter Deodorant