CoolChange Bicycle Reflective Stickers

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Product Information:


Brand:              CoolChange

Name:               Bicycle Reflective Stickers

Each Stickers: 800cm*1cm/ 315inch*0.4inch

Material:          PVC reflective strip

Color  :                   Green, Yellow, Blue,White, Red,Red and White,Orange and Black.


Can be used on the motocycle, bike wheel and so on place.

Good for your DIY decoration.


Instruction for use:


Clean area where the tapes is being placed.  peel the protective layer,

paste along the body lines or other place.(Can be used for tires and other bending position)

Make sure there is no residue or dust and is dry.

(The product itself does not emit light, there will be a strong reflection of light exposure)




Bicycles need more than 2 rolls  

Electric cars need more than 3 rolls  

Motorcycles need more than 4 rolls  

Cars need more than 6 rolls  


About this product, if you buy 3 reflective stickers,

you can get extra free one reflective sticker, that is to say,

if you buy 3, you will receive 4, if you buy 6, you will receive 8.

If you have special needs about the model of the extra scarf we give away,

please add notes while you buy, or we will send them randomly.


Note: This product is 8m long. Generally one bike needs about 16m ,

so it is recommended to buy more than 2 pieces. 


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Note:: This product is 8m long.Generally one bike needs about 16m ,so it is recommended to buy more than 2 pieces.

aeProduct.getSubject()Prism reflective technology

Multiple microcrystallines greatly increase the brightness of the reflectionaeProduct.getSubject()

Large angle reflection to ensure your safety

The angle of reflective is almost 180 °aeProduct.getSubject()

good rainproof effect


Shining even in rainyaeProduct.getSubject()

Strong adhesion and firm


Good adhesion no harm to the bicycleaeProduct.getSubject()

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