Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bag

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This non-stick mesh grill bags answer the wails of all who have lost their juicy shrimp, their tasty spring asparagus, their pretty little bell pepper kebab tips to the abyss beneath their grill grates. 

 Throw a couple chicken breasts in one of the mesh bags and it will also eliminate the congealment of meat parts to your BBQ during cooking, so you won't have to scrape so hard when you're done.


The mesh grill bags are heat safe to 600 degrees F. Once you've loaded food inside, they snap shut at the end to secure and, flip easier during cooking than Gordon Ramsay getting served a well-done steak. The vented design facilitates smoke flow so you should end up with the same barbie flavors you would if you grilled the food naked.




1. Heat safe up to 600 degrees F.

2.Reusable and dishwasher safe. Easy to clean.

3. Easily grill your favorate food,especially samll food.

4.Snap button fasteners to secure food in bag.

5. Prevent food from falling through grates.

6.Easy to flip.

7.Allow heat and smoke in and keeps grill grates clean.




S: 14*22 cm

L:  22*27cm


Please note the size data and select the quantity based on the number of people dining.  


For family gatherings, it is recommended to purchase at least three barbecue bags.  


Material: PTFE