Portable Emergency foil Reusable Hiking Travel Kit

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Specifications: 213*91CM

Material: PE (anti tear material, can be used repeatedly)

Thickness: 26UM micron (0.0026CM) film (thickness thickness)

Weight: 110 G

After folding size: 18*13*4

Note: this material can be used repeatedly for a long time is not easy to break

Color: Orange (emergency color))



1 used in the low temperature environment, can keep the heat of the self is not distributed to 90%

2. Can be used as a picnic pad

3. professional first aid color orange, more easy to make the rescue of the staff found that it is essential for the survival of the field. In the sleeping bag with a layer of first aid blanket can improve the insulation ability, to ensure that the temperature of sleep is good.

4. Emergency cold sleeping bag, the rest can be used as a sleeping bag, cut off the outside air, to warm effect

5 .the size of the palm of the sleeping bag, sleeping bag type design, ultra-thin, easy to close, easy to carry

6 .in the outdoor environment, this product is the international general emergency rescue essential goods, is suitable for the field exploration, the investigation, the traveling, the disaster occurrence time use.