Set of 10 steel kitchen knives

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product manual

Total length: 31.63cm
Blade length: 20 cm
Hardness: 59 HRC.
Handle: Handle: Hand-cured, hard, heat-resistant, beautiful wooden handle, each handle is unique.
Features: sharp and durable; super rust proof; light energy.

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The curve of the knife blade is smooth for easy precise cutting. Great for chopping, chopping and slicing fruit, meat, fish and vegetables in the kitchen because of its excellent quality. It can also be used for cutting bread for dinner tables because of the lovely appearance.
This superior knife blade is made of high carbon forged stainless steel that comes with 58+ rockwell hardness, long lasting edge, and excellent hardness. The knife blade is meticulously hand sharpened equi, keeping side to side equi, 13-15° perfect between the ultra-fine cut and the maximum resiliency for the smooth cut through.
Its surface design combines a Western chef's knife and a Japanese knife. Damask waved pattern and blue resin handle make the knife bright and elegant. It can make the simple kitchen become a super beauty creation. Finely polished aaca, rust proof, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

Safety accessories for kitchen knives

We will all deliver a safe protective cover. Keep out of reach of children. As shown in the picture

Q: How long is the transportation time usually?

A: The knife comes from China. If it takes longer than China, it usually takes 15-30 days.

Q: Is the knife sharp? Will it be very blunt?

A: Do not. The knife is very sharp, please use it carefully and will distribute the whetstone

Q: If I want to mark the logo on the knife, can you help me?

A: Of course, but you need to buy a 5 pcs knife. Or $5 processing fee because we need to re-establish production